Il Tappo di Sughero

Design of logo and brand identity for a study of a neuro-psychomotricity studio.

The space, called Il Tappo di Sughero, hosts various activities related to the world of childhood. It was designed to be a welcoming and above all versatile place. The spaces, materials and environments, can be transformed to accompany the various activities.


  • Logo and brand implementation, website design and development
  • Milan, Italy
  • 2021

The logo of this space plays with shapes and colors.
It consists of basic shapes obtained from the letters of the name. The colors are those that we discover first, the three primary ones plus one: yellow, red, blue and green.
These colored shapes, one next to the other, refer to the typical psycho-motor material, made up of cushions and objects with basic shapes: circles, cubes, cones, rods, slopes …

The shapes of the logo are used to create new compositions: icons, decorative elements and backgrounds are obtained from them. They are reused, reinvented, transformed, just as it happens with the psychomotor games.

The play of compositions is the distinctive feature of the visual communication of this activity.

Design and implementation of the website.
Application of brand identity across visual media.