Design and implementation of the website’s restyling.

The objectives of the new graphics:
– support the simple and immediate style of the texts;
– enhance the beauty of the photos;
– be less “precise” than the previous one, and thus reflect more the workshop.

The end result had to be something more like a preparatory sketch, rather than a graph paper project.

  • Website design, website development
  • Milan, Italy
  • 2021

To achieve the objectives of the restyling and to make the site even more in line with the rest of the corporate graphics, the project mainly focused on the following points:
– change of the main color of the site: the color of the old paper illuminates and gives air to the site, remaining warm and welcoming;
– layout modification to create more variety thanks to an alternation of boxed and full-width containers;
– study of a new color palette, more in harmony with the colors of the shop and with the new photos;
– the logo is on a white background and accompanied by the text, in line with the evolution of its use.